Monday, February 22, 2010

Ipods breaking

For all you ipod owners... I have a 30gb ipod that now shows this face. This face basically means that you no longer have a working ipod.  For me this face appeared out of no where, I just woke up one morning and this face was staring back at me. I went into the mac store near my school and asked them how to fix it or at least how to get my thousands of songs off of it. And of course the only solution they could give me is buy a brand new 160 gb for almost 300. They talk about it like its  just pocket change.
 Plus there is not an ipod they sell that I want to buy. They either have very little memory but some cool features so they jack the prices up. Or they have a ridiculously amount of space that I wouldn't fill in a life time. Call me crazy but 160 gb for music is way too much. 
Why on earth do I need that much memory! 
If you ask me their system sucks because they don't have a not so expensive one for us people who use ipods only for music. 

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