Thursday, February 18, 2010

I HAVE A NEW CAR!!!!!! :) :D

If you ask anyone who has been in a car with me the last month or so, they will tell you that I have had this serious obsession with mazda 3s. 
And me being me, one day I want a white one and another day want black. 
And as far as I was concerned those were my only two options. I couldn't be happy with any other color. Besides knowing the color I wanted I also was set on a Manual. I am sure none of you search for white or black mazdas on ksl all day. But it is almost impossible to find manuals period, once you add white and black it there it's basically a headache waiting to happen. 
Me getting discouraged thought I could never find one my ideal car in my price range but today I purchased it! :) 
Funny though that this car I just bought is not white or black, its light silver but I cant bring myself to stop looking at it! 
 Have you ever just wanted something so bad and then when you get it you are just so happy that you don't know what to do with your self.
 Well thats me today! :)
 I'll post pictures soon! 

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