Saturday, July 9, 2011

A long weekend of fun! :)

It all started on thursday with Helga and bryan moving to South Jordan! :) 

Isn't he sooo cute! :) 
 I was talked into going for wheeling with Sonja, my grandpa and my cousins friday and saturday.
(Saturday below) 

Their ready to go :) 

Me and grandpa :)

We made it back safe and sound! 

Monday I was privileged to spend the day with family at the parade. 

Red hat pictures..... 


She clapped the entire parade it was sooo cute! 

Tuesday we all hiked Timp cave! It was way fun! 

This picture melts my heart! 

He was a trooper! 

Yes she walked through quite a bit of the cave nursing Taysen. (Super Mom)


  1. What a fun weekend with so many fun people! ;) We miss you! xoxo

  2. ps... I think you should sit down... ready?!?... I updated our blog! :)

  3. I saw and almost died of shock :) very impressed :)

  4. How dang cute are you!?!?!?! I didn't even know that you had a blog!! Love it! I am glad we can keep in better touch now :) Miss ya!!!

  5. haha I'm trying to be better! Heather I miss you! I hope everything is going well.