Sunday, March 21, 2010

This quote is incredible!

“Going through struggles only makes you stronger. In life we deal with pain, rejection, criticism, failure and all sorts of things that only knock us down for a second. We have to learn to not let the bad get in the way of our life. Be strong and realize that everything happens for a reason. No one has a perfect life and no one likes to struggle, but its how you deal with your problems that makes the person you are today. Live, laugh, love and don’t let anyone bring you down, When you’re sad, smile! Show people you make the best out of anything you go through. And don’t be afraid of being you, because thats whats most important. -Soneeca Gipson 

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  1. Thank you so much for this inspiring article! Ive been going through some really difficult situation these last couple years and they dont seem to be getting better or worse times i really do want to quit ....but i dont. I agree that difficult times only makes you stronger ..going through my stryggles hasnt been the greatest thing in fact its the WorST thing thats ever happend to me but I have become stronger , more compassionate , and give up less easily so thank you again!!! you article inspired me to keep pushing