Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life WOULD be great..

If only......
We could all love each other.
The sun would always shin.
We could look out for each other.
We would never cheat, lie and break promises..

  Life would be good right..?

Well have you ever thought that maybe we are lied to, so we can see who loves us enough to tell us the truth.
That maybe we wouldn't appreciate the sun if it never left.
That maybe if we all looked out for each other nothing bad would happen but then we wouldn't grow into the wonderful people we are today...

So don't live your life thinking if only... Realize that everything happens for a reason and that we go through stuff to grow and become the great people we were sent here to be.
Life is beautiful and worth while, you just need to stop viewing it through your judgmental eyes, and start seeing the real beauty of it.

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